KrogerFeedback - Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

KrogerFeedback – Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

KrogerFeedback – 50 Fuel points: Kroger has a poll called “Kroger Feedback” to find out how happy their customers are. Kroger has a poll that customers can fill out if they want to be entered into a monthly drawing.

As a reward for filling out the KrogerFeedback Survey, participants could get 50 fuel points. Customers who actively took part in the survey are qualified for the jackpot. One lucky winner could win $5,000 or a $100 gift card. Find deals from the Kroger shops near you.

What Is KrogerFeedback?

Kroger’s Feedback Survey is open to customers who have recently bought something from one of their shops and have their receipts handy. People who buy food at grocery stores like Kroger often find a wide range of goods and have a pleasant shopping experience. Take the survey to see if you have purchased something and want the best quality goods. It’s the best thing you can do at the grocery store.

A paper receipt will be sent to the customer soon after they make a buy. You must have this written receipt to fill out the KrogerFeedbac survey. After shopping at a store, ensure you put the receipt somewhere safe (start this step before the print on the ticket disappears). As was already said, customers must fill out this KrogerFeebdack survey within seven days of their most recent buy to win 50 Fuel Points.

Do twice as many surveys to get rewards, like free food, $100 gift cards, and more. 🤑🤑

How To Participate KrogerFeedback Survey ?

Is it necessary to purchase something from the Kroger to participate in the survey?Yes, you need to have a valid Kroger receipt to participate.
Language English and Spanish
Type of EntryOnline
Age Limit18 years and more
Prize of Survey3 customers – $5,000 gift card
300 customers – $100 gift card
Entry limitNo limits. Enter any number of times with fresh receipt.

Requirements to Take Kroger Survey

To participate in the Kroger survey, you must fulfil the requirements below.

  • You need to have a valid receipt of purchase from Kroger that’s not over seven calendar days.
  • Get a reliable Internet connection to your system with a basic understanding of how to browse.
  • It is recommended that you be fluent in English and Spanish languages. Both of these languages are in which the survey can be completed.
  • The applicant must also be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • Give honest feedback on the experience of your visit to one of Kroger’s stores.

How to Participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey?

To take the Kroger Survey, keep the written receipt from the store where you bought something. Ensure the information you entered from the written receipt is correct before starting. Kroger only wants to know how happy its customers are with the quality of its products or the services they can get at its biggest grocery shops by sending out this Kroger Customer Survey.

  • You can start the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey by going to
  • After going to the official page, please choose the language you’d like to use, such as English or Spanish.
  • After picking the language they want to use, participants must fill out the details on the receipt.
  • Make sure you can connect to the Internet properly before you start.
  • Tap the “Load Accessibility Friendly Version” button if your Internet is slow.
  • Then, type in the information that’s written on your ticket.
    • Date
    • Time
    • Entry-ID
KrogerFeedback survey
  • Please click on the “I do not have an Entry ID on my receipt” link if you can’t find the “Entry ID.”
  • Afterwards, you’ll be asked to enter your Store Phone Number, Date, and Time.
  • Once the necessary information has been sent in. Then Press the “Start” button.
  • On the screen, there is an online survey.
  • Answer all four-choice questions carefully.
  • After answering all questions, evaluate the “Grocery stores” you’ve shopped at.
  • Please write a few sentences telling them what you think and suggesting ways to improve store product quality.
  • Giving honest “Positive or Negative feedback” at the conclusion helps.
  • You’ll see a validation code after sending feedback.
  • Validate the purchase to gain 50 gasoline points.

Keep in mind that your Kroger Fuel points may be different depending on what you bought at the shop.

People who want to join the Monthly sweepstakes to win digital coupons from Kroger every month have found it easy to do so through Krogerfeedback. Go to to take the Krogerfeedback Survey. It’s easy enough for a child to do. According to Kroger’s official website, you can get 50 fuel points.

Giving them feedback can help them gauge consumer satisfaction. “KrogerFeeback” might improve their products and services. The least satisfied customers’ complaints and purchasing experiences were considered. You can give honest Kroger store reviews, good or negative.

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How To Enter The Sweepstakes Without Making A Purchase At The Kroger Store?

To be eligible to take part in the monthly sweepstakes contest without having to purchase anything, you must send a notecard to Krogers. The card you write on must contain your name, number, and complete address to receive mail from Kroger.

The address where the card must be sent to be a part of the monthly sweepstakes will be Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547.

To participate in the contest without purchasing anything from Kroger, You must send a postal mail to your local Kroger. However, to take part in this online KrogerFeedback survey, it is necessary to have a valid receipt for purchases from Kroger.

It is essential to be clear that your chances of winning are based on something other than the amount of merchandise you bought and the sum you spent to take advantage of the services.

All you have to make sure to do is remain as truthful as you can during the survey and respond to all the questions honestly because it will benefit both the business as well as yourself. The prize is identical for online or offline entry to Kroger’s sweepstakes contest every month.

KrogerFeedback 50 Fuel Points Survey Questionnaire

The list of questions will help the business learn more about how you shop for food at Kroger.

  • What did you want to get out of going to Kroger?
  • How happy or unhappy were you with your most recent trip to the Kroger store as a whole?
  • How pleased or unhappy were you with how friendly, available, and willing to help employees were in all areas of the store?
  • How happy or unhappy were you with the state of the aisles, how easy it was to move around the store, where it was located, and how clean it was?
  • How pleased or unhappy were you with how easy it was to use deals and check out?
  • How happy or unhappy were you with the range, freshness, availability, price, and quality of the products?
  • Kindly rate how happy you are with the following areas: Fresh Produce, Bakery, Centre Store, Deli, Meat and Seafood, Dairy, Personal Care, Beauty Care, and Household Needs.
  • How likely is it that you would tell your friends and family about Kroger based on your experience?

Rewards of KrogerFeedback.Com 50 Fuel Points Survey

For taking part in this KrogerFeedback.Com questionnaire, the user will receive 50 points of fuel as a reward. These points are used for fuel at Kroger fuel stations. Participants will also be eligible for any sweepstakes or contests at the time of offer.

Participating in the sweepstakes for Kroger’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you are eligible to take home a prize;

  • A gift card worth 5,000 dollars for the grand prize.
  • 100-dollar first prize
  • Discounts via digital coupons

When you complete your KrogerStoreFeedback questionnaire, you can get gift cards and receive 50 points towards fuel purchases.

KrogerFeedback.Com Survey Rules

To take part in the Kroger Feedback Survey and contests, you’ll be required to comply with these guidelines:

  • You must be at least 18 years older.
  • Be a US Citizen
  • Have a recent Kroger Order Receipt that is valid with a survey code or entry ID

Kroger family members and employees cannot take part in survey contests.

If you are over 18 and are a citizen of the United States, you can take part in the Kroger Customer Survey. All you require are a smartphone or a similar device, like a laptop computer, and a valid Kroger receipt from the store.

Kroger Fuel Points Program

Through Kroger’s Kroger reward program for fuel, you accrue points for free gas. Points automatically accrue when you use your Shopper’s, Credit Card.

It’s easy to make Kroger fuel points whenever you shop

  • In a retail store
  • Create an online order for pickup
  • Create online delivery orders

Ways to Earn Kroger Fuel Points

You earn Kroger fuel points when you purchase

  • Groceries
  • Prescriptions
  • Gift Cards

Or participate in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. Some restrictions may apply.

Earn Kroger Fuel Points With Groceries

If you shop for groceries, you’ll get the equivalent of one point for every cent you pay for qualified food items.

Here are a few items which are not suitable for points for fuel:

  • Alcohol
  • Stamps and Money Orders
  • Tickets for promotions
  • Deposits for products
  • Fees and taxes
  • Tobacco products
  • Some states do not allow Milk and dairy products.

If you buy products within those Fuel Centers located at Kroger and Kroger store chains, they do not count towards points.

Gain Fuel Points At the Pharmacy

You can earn fuel points when you visit the pharmacy and fill your prescriptions.

Here’s an outline of how many points you’ll get:

  • Prescriptions are eligible for 25 points. ( This applies only to prescriptions not funded by the government.)
  • Earn 1 point for every extra dollar that you pay on medicines that are federally funded.
  • In addition, you can accumulate 75 gas points using 90-day prescriptions.

If you purchase your prescriptions at the Kroger or Kroger family stores, you fill your tank with gas.

You can earn 50 fuel points by taking this survey.

Buy Gift Cards and Earn Fuel Points

At Kroger, you can earn fuel points using the gift cards we sell. There are some exceptions.

Every penny you buy on eligible gift cards will earn two fuel points.

Kroger Fuel Redemption Rules

The only purchases that are eligible products that you make using your Shoppers or loyalty Card purchased from The Kroger Co. Family of Stores are eligible for points. This offer is not accepted in Missouri or other states where the law prohibits it.

Excludes gift cards or fuel purchases, lottery, mail-order service cash order, postal stamps deposit of product (if applicable) as well as service charges (including delivery and pickup), promotional tickets, taxes, tobacco, and other items—fluid milk, alcohol, as milk-related products are also excluded in certain areas.

Certain Pharmacy exclusions are in effect. The program is subject to change or canceled at any time without prior notice. The offer for fuel redemption is for one fuel purchase at most 35 gallons.

This is subject to debit and credit card fraud prevention limitations to the total amount purchased and a limit of gallons under 35 gallons upon an order from local officials in specific jurisdictions (typically during certain hours of operation, when fuel dispensers are not under supervision).

We reserve the possibility to charge an amount that is a minimum per gallon if the discount is higher than the cost per gallon. Selling or buying fuel points is not permitted.

There are no discounts to wholesalers, dealers, and fleet programs. Cash back is not available. We can remove or suspend you from the program due to violations of these terms or suspicion of suspected or fraudulent activity. It does not apply to any other offer for fuel.

FAQs – KrogerFeedback

What’s new products available in Kroger when compared to other stores ?

People can expect to find every product or service they want or need in their stores.

What are the benefits of grocery shopping at the stores?

The main reason customers are coming back is to offer high-quality goods at the lowest prices.

Does everyone get bonus fuel points Who purchase or shop at the nearest grocery stores ?

Only people with a Kroger Plus Card can get fuel points from the Kroger fuel station by going to

What’s the benefit of taking this krogerfeedback survey apart from 50 fuel points ?

People who play the lottery have a real chance to win $5,000 or $100 gift cards.

What can you use a Kroger gift cards for?

You can use gift cards to buy food at their grocery store chains the next time you go.

What do you like shopping for at the grocery shop ?

Kroger is a big store chain in the United States of America where people love to buy food.

Does Kroger stands a larger retail stores in United States of America ?

No. Kroger is the second-largest supermarket business in the United States. Walmart is the biggest. Statista says that it is still the biggest grocery store company in the US based on retail sales.

Does Kroger have private brands ?

Yes..!! Kroger shops sell high-quality goods at the lowest prices under their brands.

Do I need to make the Shopping list to purchase items before visiting the local grocery store.

If you like to shop in stores, a Shopping list might make it easier for you.

When asked to submit the feedback ? What Should I write as a customer ?

Getting customer feedback is essential to determine how happy they are with your goods. Please give us your honest opinion so we can improve the quality of this product, the atmosphere, and your general experience at the stores.

How does my feedback could help the grocery store ?

Kroger knows how to improve the goods in their stores by using customer feedback.

How much time do i need to answer those Multiple Choice questions ?

You only need to give these kinds of surveys 5–10 minutes to answer all the questions about your experience at the Kroger Pharmacy Hours.

What are the chances of winning before completion of sweepstakes ?

By entering contests every month, they could save all of their entries for a grand prize of $1,000 and one hundred $100 gift cards.

What are the products offered at the supermarket ?

This supermarket is organized into areas that make it easy to find a wide range of branded foods, drinks, and household items. Since it’s a discount shop, it also has many of its brand names.

How pleasant shopping experience was when you shop at the retail-stores?

Self-service shopping gives people a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Why Do Kroger collect the Customer Feedback ?

Getting customer feedback can help you determine what they think and improve your goods and services.

Why Is krogerfeedback important for a store ?

It is a way for grocery chains to learn more about their customers and do everything they can to make them happier (CSAT).